Live casinos have hit the headlines in recent years and they have become incredibly popular with a large number of online players. One of the most popular live games is roulette. In this section of the Casinorilla site we take a more in-depth look at playing libe roulette at an online casino.

Live Roulette – What exactly is it?

While Roulette has been a gambling classic for centuries, in the last few years casinos have really upped their game in terms of their online offering.

With Live Roulette, players can enjoy a live spinning wheel, a real-life dealer and an increased ability to interact with other players.

The whole live casino experience is a format has had an exciting makeover and the experience is immersive and satisfying.

The good news in that live casinos have become incredibly popular in recent years and as a result players have a number of options when trying to find a suitable site to play at.

As each live casino is different, it’s worth shopping around and taking the time to find a site that suits your budget an playing style. Try a couple of sites first abd see how you feel. It can be a hassle to keep moving between sites once you’re in the full spin of things, so we recommend taking the time to make the right choice from the beginning.

Part of the fun with Live casinos, and roulette in particular is that it is more sociable game than just sitting at your keyboard. Casinos can offer live chat between players and dealers, as well as some offering VIP options for those seeking that extra special attention!

If you enjoyed playing online roulette you may also be interested in taking a look at baccarat. It’s a little like blackjack, as similarly it follows the same concept of reaching a target, in the case of baccarat, a total score of 8 or 9, with two or more cards. The rules, however, are a little more complicated so make sure you practice first to fully understand the various rules and betting strategies!